Rabbinical Practice and Services

It is a privilege and honor to share important times in your lives of joy and excitement as well as grief and sorrow. My rabbinical approach in serving individuals, couples, families and congregations prioritizes developing relationships that are accepting, warm and personal. My ceremonies are tailored to your preferences and needs, and we collaborate in creating the most meaningful experiences that fulfill your hopes and dreams.
My Jewish perspective is liberal, and my goal is to heighten your connection to Judaism by teaching and incorporating the wisdom and traditions that are most relevant to you. My ceremonies also integrate germane wisdom from Eastern traditions as well as the field of psychology that heighten our understanding of these profoundly important moments in our lives.
Diversity is an integral part in the lives of couples and families, and I welcome and celebrate this diversity, respecting different perspectives and personal histories. Whether blessing a couple, welcoming a baby into the family and community, or eulogizing a beloved family member, I provide a sensitive and accepting presence at these momentous rites of passage.
The rabbinical services I offer are:
 Weddings—Jewish, Interfaith and Ecumenical
 Baby/Child-Namings
 Funerals
 B’nai Mitzvah Private Ceremonies (providing planning, supervision and officiation at ceremony)
 Conversion Guidance and ceremonies

Rabbinic Reflection:
The Jewish tradition teaches that we have the capacity for positive and negative feelings and behaviors. These inclinations are called “yetzer hatov” (good inclination) and the “yetzer harah” (bad/evil inclination). Inherent in the words “capacity” and “inclination” is the space between intention and action. That space is what makes all the difference because it is where our choices lead us in one direction or another.

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