Mission and Essential Values

My mission as a psychotherapist, rabbi and professor is to help people discover meaning, love and purpose as they navigate through the ebb and flow of their lives.
My core values include:

 appreciating the power of our personal story/narrative to immobilize us or compel us to change

 understanding the necessity of understanding and adapting to our fast-changing world by maintaining balance and living according to one’s core values

 facilitating mindful relational connection, respect and compassion through self/other awareness

 helping people imagine and fulfill their capacity to create and implement solutions to the challenges they face

 encouraging people to cultivate and maintain an attitude of a “growth mindset and the power of YET” (based upon the research of Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University)

 supporting each person’s well-being through learning and practicing mind-body awareness, self-soothing and coping strategies to deal with the stressors in their lives

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