Individual Therapy

I work with a range of individual clients:
 High school and college age
 Emerging and young adults
 Mid-life adults
 Older-life adults

Each person who enters individual psychotherapy comes with their unique story, concerns and needs. The therapy process is tailored to the immediate problem and issues that brings someone into therapy.

Sometimes the presenting concern can be approached with a relatively straightforward solution-focused treatment. When someone presents more complex issues, the therapy requires the client and therapist to contextualize and understand the problem in light of the person’s history and future goals. Gender identity and sexual orientation are significant considerations. An integral part of individual work is a multicultural perspective that acknowledges the influence of ethnic, religious and racial identity.

While individual therapy involves the interplay between client and therapist, the client decides what information is shared and discussed and which issues will be the focus of therapy. In response, the therapist serves as collaborator, facilitator and guide, helping the client to discern patterns in thought, emotions and behaviors and reflect on the dynamics of situations and issues.

The goal of individual therapy is to foster greater awareness and understanding that will pave the way toward making changes that will support the client’s growth and well-being.

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