Education and Teaching Philosophy

MyTeaching Style
I utilize a more personal, experiential style of teaching that is informed by my experiences as a teacher psychotherapist and a rabbi. Deeper learning happens when students are able to make connections between their personal experiences, observations and emotional and cognitive patterns with new and challenging information. Personal relevance is key to students’ learning.

Process-Oriented Interactive Teaching
My process-oriented teaching encourages dynamic classroom interaction. Students are most engaged when they share their perspectives and stories. This interactive environment requires establishing a safe and non-judgmental class atmosphere in which students feel comfortable and accepted.

Cultural Awareness and Respect

The knowledge and respect for the multiple ways people of diverse cultures experience and interpret their lives is essential to being a global citizen. To address cultural awareness, I encourage students to expand their relativistic thinking by learning to question their beliefs, challenge their certainties and acknowledge their interdependent contribution to the common human condition.

Creating an Empathic Learning Environment

Empathic teacher-student relationships that honor the well-being and growth of each student is imperative. The elements of this empathic learning alliance are:
• Keeping appropriate boundaries
• Thoughtful implementation of fair and ethical teaching practices
• Emphasis on the value of perceived failures and successes
• Embracing a positive attitude and generating confidence and hope
• Profound respect for students and their learning processes
• Willingness to integrate students’ perspectives and needs into planning and implementing curriculum
• Be a role model worthy of students’ respect
It is an honor to teach and I derive great pleasure in contributing to students’ learning, expanding their knowledge, fulfilling their potential for personal growth, and deepening their self-awareness.
I am passionate and committed to being a teacher and a perpetual observer and student of, and for, life.

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