Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a dynamic process that helps partners:

 improve communication skills
 resolve problems
 develop greater appreciation and understanding
 enhance intimacy
 find greater satisfaction in their relationship

I meet with couples of all ages and sexual orientations who are partnered and married. My goals during therapy is maintaining a balance in which both partners’ viewpoints and feelings are acknowledged and they strengthen their listening and communication in addressing the issues that bring them to therapy.

Couples seek help with a range of issues, including parenting, balance of roles and responsibilities, sex, relationships with extended family, intermarriage, individual partner’s struggles with mental health, intimacy, life cycle transitions, addiction and infidelity.

My approach to couples therapy is integrative, and especially informed by the valuable work of a number of clinician and researchers including Drs. John Gottman, Sue Johnson, Richard Schwartz and David Schnarch.

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