A lotus rising from dark waters floats gently in serene beauty.

The potential of psychotherapy: safety, trust, meaning, resilience, change and growth

As a lotus rises from dark waters to serenely blossom in the light, we have the potential and resilience to experience beauty and meaning in our lives.

Students learn about the full range of human development and sexuality and gain life-long relationship skills.

Dr. Heller teaches human sexualities, the art and science of intimate relationships and human development at Temple University and elsewhere.

Couples and families experience emotional & touching life cycle rites of passage.

Rabbi Heller provides personal and meaningful services for all life cycle events.

Therapeutic sevices

Dr. Heller provides integrative psychotherapy for adolescents, adults of all ages, couples and families. Her relational approach helps clients overcome anxiety and depression as well as relationship and sexual challenges. Dr. Heller also specializes in maternal well-being, helping women and their families address problems with fertility, pregnancy, postpartum adjustment and parenting.

Teaching & speaking

Dr. Heller teachers courses in psychology specializing in human development and sexualties as well as relationships and family studies. She has taught at Hahnemann/Drexel University and Philadelphia University graduate programs and has been teaching Temple University undergraduates since 2006. Dr. Heller's students learn about the full range of human development, relationships and sexuality in a safe, non-judgmental and accepting environment.

Rabbinical services for life cylce events

Rabbi Heller provides a full range of rabbinical services for all life cycle events including births, bar and bat mitzvah's, weddings and funerals. She leads seminars, workshops and courses at congregations and organizations of all denominations.